Can You Achieve A Shiny Hardfloor?

Shiny hardfloors can increase the property’s value. It is extremely durable and can be resold with great resale values. It can lose its elegance due to wear and tear from occupants. These are some tips to keep your hardfloor shiny over the years.

What is Hardfloor?

To determine the best maintenance approach, an owner needs to know what he is dealing with. Hardfloors and hard-surface flooring, for example, are made of materials such as vinyl, concrete, concrete, ceramic, wood, or stone.

Every material has its own unique properties and performance levels. Some materials are more resilient than others. It is important to match each property with the cleaning method and product that will be used.

Here are some useful tips to achieve a shiny hardwood floor

Although it may seem tedious, a good cleaning and maintenance plan can help you save time, frustration, money, and effort. A year more flooring can last is worth thousands of dollars.

1. High quality, high-quality walk-off mats.

It is best to stop dirt from getting in. An entrance mat of 12-15 feet will catch approximately 80% of the soil. A 39-foot mat increases this number to 98%

2. Avoid moving the furniture.

Dragging furniture onto the floor can cause scratches, nicks and divots. Lift the furniture as high as you can. You can also use anti-scratch pads to protect chairs, tables, or other furniture.

Also, avoid scratches and dull floors by placing mats or thick rug under heavy objects.

3. Every day vacuum the floor.

When it comes to shining a hardfloor, people immediately think of mops. Vacuuming is also essential. A vacuum can remove soil and sand from the floor, which is why mop can’t do it. This is important because they can cause serious damage to the floor if they scratch it. Also, vacuum your walk-in carpets.

It is useful in many ways. It adds non-slip properties to the floor and makes it look shiny and clean. It is also a sealant that needs to be renewed every now and again.

4. Traffic flow must be steady.

Take note of the traffic patterns and adjust your cleaning strategies accordingly. Additional cleaning should be done in areas with heavy traffic. These areas should be vacuumed and mopped several times per day.

5. Select the right type of cleaning product.

Some floor types and cleaning products may not be compatible. Avoid using cleaning products that could void your flooring warranty. Before you start to clean the entire floor, it is best to test a portion first. If you have any questions, consult a professional.

These are some cleaning tips for hard floors.


Untreated or wax-finished hardwood floors are not recommended for washing. You can sweep, vacuum, and dust-mop your floors regularly. A pH-neutral soap, on the other hand is great for polyurethane floors.


Avoid using soap-based cleaners or polishes as they can dull the surface. For stubborn stains, you can use a damp cloth.


For a deeper clean, mix water and a little mild detergent.


Linoleum floors can be cleaned with hot water and dish soap.


Natural stone floors can be cleaned with non-chelating, pH-neutral cleaners. These cleaners will not cause unwanted chemical reactions that could damage stone’s minerals.


For tiles, mild soap suffices. Grout is where dirt and grime accumulate. To clean grout, mix 2 parts baking soda with 1 part water.

6. Remove, seal, then wax

The type of flooring material will determine the products needed to remove it. To get the best results, use the right chemical. It is easy to remove debris, dust, or wax by stripping.

After stripping, a sealant should be applied. This sealant protects the floor against grease and scuffing. For best results, the floor must be completely dry before sealing.

Depending on traffic, flooring type and cleaning method, this task can be done annually, twice or three times annually. This task is also recommended after winter because of the harsh effects that cold temperatures can have on flooring.

7. Regularly buff or burnish.

Gloss and shine can be added by buffing or burning on a weekly basis or semi-weekly. They can hide scratches and other signs wear and tear. Burnishing is a popular choice because it creates a brighter shine.

Sanbarra Cleaning Services helps businesses achieve a clean and shiny hardfloor in no time.

Professional cleaners are the best way to keep floors clean. This is especially true in commercial spaces. Due to the sheer number of people who visit and leave, wear and tear is greater.

Extra care is required for special floors such as hardwood. While utility workers may be able to clean the floors with their best efforts, an expert can provide a superior service. Although it will be more expensive, the return on investment is well worth it.

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