What are the benefits of commercial cleaning?

Americans spend the majority of their day at work. Many businesses hire a cleaning service. However, most of the cleaning is minimal. A quick vacuum and emptying trash are all that’s required. Deeper dirt, dust and allergens can remain on carpets and blinds as well as in the upholstery of office furniture. Learn about four advantages of professional commercial cleaning and why your company should invest in high-quality cleaning services from Sanbarra Cleaning Services.

Increased Employee Productivity

Your employees will be happier if your office is clean, tidy, and free of dirt and dust, your employees will be happier. Clean, fresh air is more pleasant to inhale and has a sweeter odor. Although many companies understand the importance of employee training and acknowledge the importance of a healthy culture, they may not pay enough attention to the most important factor for productivity: pure, clean air.

Although it is obvious that polluted indoor air poses a risk to human health and is well known, many business owners don’t realize the serious consequences of unhealthy indoor air. The HVAC system continuously circulates particulate matter through the business’ walls. Research has shown that indoor pollution can lead to significant productivity drops. According to research, indoor pollution can lead to a decline in cognitive function.

According to the EPA, indoor air quality is among the five most serious threats to Americans’ health. The agency has released studies that show indoor air can contain levels of pollutants that are higher than those found in the outdoors. Even the best-run businesses may not be aware of a problem with indoor air quality, which can lead to productivity losses.

Do you want a team of motivated, bright employees? Let them inhale cleaner air. Your office will be cleaner and more fresh after a professional cleaning.

Fewer Sick Days

Many businesses are unable to cope with the spread of a virus from one employee to another. Production slows down when your most valuable team members are not in the office. It doesn’t matter if an illness is affecting sales, delivery, or any other area of your business, it is crucial to reduce the spread of the disease. Many employees ignore the request to stay at home if they are sick and spread the virus through their office. It is important to keep your employees healthy and reduce the spread of new viruses by performing a thorough, professional cleaning.

It is crucial to clean up the workplace thoroughly in order to prevent the spread of diseases. To prevent employee illness, all shared areas must be cleaned, including breakrooms and training rooms. Companies recognize the importance of investing in hand-drying systems, soap dispensers, and no-touch wastebaskets to ensure that all areas are clean. According to the CDC, it is important to disinfect all shared areas, such as phones, desktops and doorknobs. Our professional team at Sanbarra Cleaning Services can help you choose the best cleaning products and protocols to reduce the spread of viruses. Viral infections can live for up to 48 hours and could infect others if they are present on surfaces such as tables, desks, or workstations.

A Positive and Professional Appearance

Compare these two scenarios.

You walk into a business with stained carpets, dusty desks and trash filled to overflowing with crumpled papers and cartons. Or, walk into a business which looks clean, smells fresh and has a clean appearance. Your image to customers is a key factor in your business’s success. Bad appearances can give the impression that your business is not professional. Customers, clients and visitors will notice a smart, clean, tidy appearance and a pleasant, sweet-smelling environment. This will make them feel more confident in the products and services of your business.

A good business “housekeeping” strategy includes several key steps. The most obvious include reducing clutter in hallways, stairways and other areas. HEPA filters are required for businesses working with hazardous substances. Standard vacuums and larger models, such as those used by smaller commercial cleaning firms, don’t offer this option. Our team of experts has the right equipment for any industry.

Some areas need to be cleaned daily, while others require periodic maintenance. Every day, the kitchen, coffee area and any other space that is used for food preparation must be cleaned. Every week, the refrigerator must be cleaned and sanitized. A microwave and stove in the office must be cleaned on a daily basis.If

Protect Against COVID-19

Ensure that your office staff cleaners or external cleaning service workers use EPA-approved surface sanitizers and disinfectants. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains a list (List N) of effective, approved disinfectants to use to prevent SARS-CoV-2. This is the virus that causes COVID-19 infection. This listing is available on the EPA website. On this webpage, you can enter the first two sets of a cleaning product’s EPA registration number. This number is included on the label of your cleaning product. By performing this search, you can determine if a product is suitable for protecting your company premises against COVID-19.